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3 Cover-Up Options For Scratch & Dent Refrigerators

When you want to purchase new appliances, one of the best ways to secure a discount is through a scratch and dent appliance purchase. A scratch and dent appliance is a brand-new appliance that has suffered some dings during transport from the factory to the appliance store.

Not only can you purchase the refrigerators for cheaper, but you have a wide range of options to cover up the scratches and dents if you want to. Check out some of the following options and keep them in mind when you shop for scratch and dent products like refrigerators.

1. Magnets

For small scratches and dents on a fridge, consider the use of magnets. You can purchase magnets of all different sizes and strategically place them on various areas of a refrigerator to cover up scratches. If you have a big area you need to cover up, then consider larger magnets for a fridge.

For example, you could purchase a magnetic planner that sticks to a large section of the fridge. You could also use magnets to hold papers that hang down and cover up areas. For example, you could leave a stack of menus on a magnetic clip. The hanging menus could cover up small scratches or dents.

2. Refrigerator Locations

The location of your refrigerator can make a big difference as to what scratches and dents get seen. For example, you could tuck a fridge between a wall and a counter area. The location will cover a majority of the sides of the fridge and any scratches located within the area.

If the refrigerator is only covered on a single side by a wall or cabinets, then keep this in mind as you shop for a scratch and dent appliance. You want to find a fridge with scratches and dents primarily on the side that will remain covered and blocked off.

3. Vinyl Refrigerator Wraps

If you want an easy way to cover up a scratch and dent refrigerator, then consider a vinyl refrigerator wrap. The vinyl wrap is cut and designed to cover up the whole fridge. You can choose from many design elements including pop-culture designs, technology designs, or color-based designs to help match your kitchen.

Not only does a vinyl wrap help cover up current scratches, but it can prevent the addition of more scratches in the future. Once you know the size of the fridge you will purchase, you can purchase the properly-sized vinyl cover to go over the whole design.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for scratch and dent appliances from local suppliers.