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Commercial Ice Maker Problems: How Do You Solve Them?

If your business depends on your ice maker to keep your customers' beverages cold during the day, the last thing you want is for your ice maker to quit making ice. If your ice maker does make ice, but the cubes are too small to fill your customers' cups, it may frustrate you even further. You can solve your ice maker's problems with the commercial refrigeration repair information below.

What's Wrong With Your Ice Maker?

Commercial ice makers play a large role in keeping restaurants, stores, and other venues operational during the day. But like other types of large refrigeration appliances, commercial ice makers can experience issues over time. 

Like walk-in coolers, display cases, and other refrigerated appliances, ice makers must remain cool to work properly. However, the appliances can leak when you need them the most. Leaking or failing ice makers can produce very little ice during the day. The ice cubes can also be too small to fill your customers' cups. 

Commercial ice makers can also make too much ice during the day. Machines can fill up with too much water and create larger-than-normal ice cubes for customers. The extra water may also leak out of the machines and damage the flooring around them. 

If you need help repairing your ice maker, contact a refrigeration repair company now.

How Do You Repair Your Ice Maker?

A repair company will need to check the water lines inside your ice maker during the visit. If the lines break, they can allow too much water to pour inside the ice machine. Sediment can also build up inside the lines and keep water from moving through them. If the lines are the reason behind your ice maker's problems, a company can clear the lines or replace them.

If a company diagnoses your ice maker with another issue, such as an internal leak, they may seal the leak for you. If the leak is too large to seal, a company may offer to replace your ice maker. The leak inside your ice maker may get worse if the appliance remains in place. In this case, consider replacing your ice maker with a machine that comes with an advanced LED control panel and monitor. The control panel keeps track of the machine's ice output, temperature, and other functions.

You can fix the problems with your commercial ice maker by contacting a commercial refrigeration repair company today.