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Upgrade Your Cases And Cut Costs Overall

New gaskets, door or PVC panels, and lighting will improve the appearance of your pre-owned supermarket cases. These upgrades may also cut costs associated with operating your refrigeration or freezer cases.

Case Parts

The make and model of each case that you own will guide you in purchasing OEM or aftermarket parts that are designed to fit each case. Retrofitted parts are ones that have been altered to fit a particular case make and model. Retrofitted parts may be sought out if you would like to make cosmetic or functional upgrades to your equipment. These types of parts are offered through many suppliers that feature replacement materials.

First, clean and inspect the cases that you own. During this process, remove any food or beverages from the units. Write down the make and model of your equipment and prepare a list of cosmetic or functional issues that you would like to address when refurbishing the appliances. A supplier who sells parts for commercial refrigeration and freezer units may request the make and model information. Afterward, they will furnish a list of supplies that will fit each type of unit that you own.

Gaskets, Panels, And Lighting

Gaskets are the rubber pieces that aid with keeping a refrigerator or freezer door closed. Commercial equipment contain gaskets that are designed similarly to the ones that comprise the doors that are attached to household refrigerators and freezers. Gaskets are essential in keeping frigid air within a commercial case. If a lot of people have access to the cases, including your clientele, you may need to replace the gaskets more frequently.

Ordering a few extra gasket sets will help you keep your commercial cases in operable order at all times. Foods will remain preserved, eliminating the loss of stock. Door panels and PVC panels should be replaced as needed. Doors may contain a framework, glass panes, and knobs that will need to be changed out occasionally. A case that contains an open front will benefit by adding PVC strips across the open areas.

Panels will block airflow, greatly improving the efficiency of your equipment. PVC panels can be added to upright cases and floor models. LED lighting is an adequate replacement for older style lighting. LED lighting won't emit as much heat as older lighting styles. This will reduce the amount of cool air loss within a unit and will limit how much a cooling unit's compressor will turn on.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for supermarket case parts from suppliers near you.