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Flying off the Shelves

Have you ever thought back on all of the appliances you've purchased over your lifetime? At first, you might assume the number of appliances you've purchased is quite low. But if you stop to consider that even small appliances, like toasters and microwaves, count, then you'll realize the number is probably a lot higher. We depend on appliances to make our lives simpler, and many of us buy more appliances than we realize. As such, reading about appliance sales, which you can do right here on this blog, tends to be pretty eye-opening. Prepare to learn a lot about appliance sales.


A Water Softener System Is The Answer For Hard Well Water

If you recently moved to a rural area where the groundwater contains a lot of minerals, then you can likely feel the "hardness" of the water. The hardness is made up of harmless minerals, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. While these minerals are harmless for you to ingest and bathe in, they will cause an unsightly hard water scale to accumulate in your showers, toilets, and sinks. They also build up on your hair and skin, making both of them feel dry and rough.

Preventing Hard Water Scale

Hard water scale can be a challenge to remove, so many homeowners faced with this problem opt to install a water softener. By softening the water before it ever gets into the home's plumbing, the minerals are removed and never have a chance to form scale.

The Benefits of Softening Hard Water

There are many benefits of softening hard water, including:

  • Soap products will clean better and rinse off more thoroughly
  • Your hair will feel silky and soft
  • Dishes will come out of the dishwasher without spots

In addition, a water softener will also extend the life of your appliances and plumbing because it proactively prevents blockages and the build-up of scale inside of pipes.

Preparing to Shop for a Water Softener System

Before you head out to the home improvement center to buy whatever water softener they happen to have in stock, first you need to do some research. Not all water softeners are the same and you want to be sure the appliance you choose does the job you need it to! The first thing you need to know is what minerals are present in your well water. This can be accomplished by having the water tested. In many areas of the country, the local health department can do this. In other areas, you will need to send the water off to a testing laboratory. Once you know what minerals need to be removed from the water, then you can select the best type of water softener to get the job done.

Choosing the Right Size Water Softener is Vital

Finally, selecting the right water softener is important. There are a variety of sizes and it really does matter which one you choose. For example, an oversized system will waste salt and your money. An undersized system will be overtaxed and will not last very long. So, it's important you purchase the right size system based on the size of your family.